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Corbin Bernsen is the coolest Hollywood guy I know…

Maybe it’s because he invited me to compose a song to be included in his next film, “Donna on Demand.” (Sweet!)

Or, perhaps it’s because he has an even larger collection of “stuff” than my mother does. (Those of you that know my mother also know that defeating her “stuff-collector” title is not a small accomplishment.)

Last Thursday, I got the distinct pleasure of being around for the One Red Paperclip trade with Kyle MacDonald and Corbin Bernsen. It was the second time meeting Corbin, and this time we were on his turf at the Public Media Works offices in Los Angeles.

Kyle’s girlfriend Dom was in Hollywood, too.

And, I think 4 people makes it a party.

By the way, The Corbin Bernsen KISS Snow Globe Army is real and currently recruiting new members.

To join, you MUST send Corbin Bernsen a snow globe at the following address:

Your proof of membership will be sent back to you in the mail, so make sure to include the address to which you want your membership credentials sent.

Speaking of snow globes, and stuff-collectors, and Corbin Bernsen, and my mother… She became one of the first members of TCBKISSSGA

She sent Corbin a very cool custom snow globe, with one red paperclip and

picture of the Hollywood sign on one side, and a photo of the KISS snow globe on the other. If you want to see how genuinely excited Corbin was to receive his snow globes, watch the video below.

Corbin has over 6,000 snow globes. That’s impressive.

To my mother: Thanks for teaching me that it’s not about being a packrat –

It’s about seeing the good in everything.



P.S. – If you’re interested in starring in a Hollywood film, click here.