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Who the heck is Gutterkitty, and why is she in my trash can?

Hello blog readers! Thanks for stopping by and resting your eyes here for a moment. Before I commence babbling, I'd like to thank Jody Gnant for introducing me to, sure to be the baddest mamma jamma ever, especially now that we're all up in it. [Insert green-smiley-face-with-purple-tongue-hanging-out emoticon here].

By way of introduction, my handle is Gutterkitty, and my real name is Niki D'Andrea. I'm the music editor at Phoenix New Times, a division of Village Voice Media, which makes me both revered and reviled. My musical tastes run the gamut, from classic rock and punk to hip-hop and classical. The only music I have a hard time listening to is extremely experimental, avant garde stuff. I have a coworker who listens to what I call "anarchy jazz," and it often sounds like (for lack of a better metaphor), geese getting sodomized by elephants.

I am not PC. This gets me into trouble sometimes, but it gets me into FUN more often. I am always out and about, whether hobnobbing with hip-hop moguls like Ludacris or hanging with Jody Gnant at crazy company parties. Jody and I will be taking a road trip to Los Angeles this weekend, so I'll be sure to blog from there. Instead of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, it'll be like Fun & Loving in Los Angeles -- no imaginary bats flying at our vehicle, just good friends, good tunes, and good times (but if there ARE bats, I'll take a picture).

That's it for now. I've got a story on Super Bowl parties to finish. See you again in cyberspace soon.

"Privacy and security are those things you give up when you show the world what makes you extraordinary." -- Margaret Cho