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Welcome Gutterkitty!!!

There are so many cool things happening lately, and I'm really excited to have a blog that's actually easy to use (that won't get haxored) so that the memories don't get forgotten in the whirling dervish that is now my life.

One of the cool features of Moguling is that it allows me to add contributors to my blog (which is good because it means that ya'll won't have to wait for me to update.) And I am so proud and extremely grateful to introduce:

Niki D'Andrea a.k.a. Gutterkitty

Me and Gutterkitty

(Jody Gnant and Niki D'Andrea at Phoenix New Times Holiday Party 12/07)

If Gutterkitty contributes to mah blog, this place will never be boring - so thanks for making me cooler by proxy, Niki.

Love ya girl!

Looking forward to YOUR version of what happens when we get together.

Hugs. XOXO