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Sample tracks from Pivot

The City That Never Sleeps

New York City is so beautiful.

New York is a funny place, though. It has a reputation for being cold and heartless, but every time I go, I find it to be just the opposite. Everybody that I encountered during this trip was so wonderful and welcoming.

It was also the second time I lost my purse in New York City, only to have it returned to me by one of the many wonderful New Yorkers that live there.

The first time, many years ago, I left my purse in the back of cab, only to realize it as the car was pulling away. I was not staying anywhere, per say. (Actually, I was sleeping on the floor of a bookstore in Brooklyn, but that’s another story.)

And even without an address, the next passenger of the cab took an entire day out of their life to track me down - and I got my purse back.

Again, it’s the most fabulous city – with genuinely wonderful people.

But, about the new album… The songs are all written and the recording will again, be really diverse. People keep telling me that I need to pick one genre and stick to it, but I’m a little more musically scattered than that. Any of you that own Treasure Quest know that, and hopefully appreciate the album for that.

We’re still trying to get a polka on the record. After all, it wouldn’t be true to my Wisconsin roots if we didn’t find room for one of those. But none of the songs have a polka part, as of yet.

There is however, more of a southwestern influence, and it’s coming out quite nicely. We’re also going to cut a few Spanish versions of some of the songs - though it’s doubtful that both the English version and the Spanish version will be on the same album.

Please let me know your thoughts – both on the polka and the Spanish/English versions of the music.

Until then, Adios and Take Care.