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SxSW is soooo much fun!

Moguling totally rawks for sending me to South by Southwest!

Making lots of friends, and procuring sponsorships and partnerships with some really cool companies.

I can't wait to get back to Phoenix to get started working on all of the cool new developments...

Oh wait!~ Yes I can. SxSW is going on for another five days.

Seriously - I am so tired right now, and the music portion hasn't even started yet! These geeks sure know how to have a good time. (G33k's FTW!)

Pete Cashmore of and Jody Gnant
Oh! and then iJustine and I found each other... That girl is awesome. She's staying until Sunday, so stay tuned for more (Gn)antics!



Brian Shaler and I went to the Geicko party... ZOMG - This was absolutely the most fun party at SxSW. And - I met my perfect match...
It was love at first site for me and the Geicko caveman... We shared a moment... His real name is Marty. And then the paparazzi ruined it... :(


You can go to, too and see what you and your cave-baby would look like if you married a caveman.


So here's mine:


That's all for now... I got tons of work to do... Make sure to stay up to date with current photos at my Flickr page. HUGS \o/ XOXO, Jody