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Laughing til it hurts...

Kyle MacDonald and his dad, Ian, are two of the most upstanding people I have ever met – and they know how to have a good laugh.

After a morning of visiting the local news stations, Kyle and I made our trade Wednesday at high noon.

The whole thing was kind of surreal, since by the time Wednesday night rolled around I had been up a total of 41 hours in a row.

(There’s nothing like being on live television in all of your sleep deprived glory. It allows for lots of silliness, and no one minds if you guzzle all of the newsroom coffee.)

After a really great hang in Phoenix, we all flew to LA for some fun in Hollywood.

I’m here at the ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo , and Kyle is busy “lunching” with some of Hollywood’s finest.

The response and support from everyone has been overwhelming, and I wanted to say, “Thanks.”

This has been one of the most fun and memorable events of my life.