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LA is lovely, but Toronto beckons...

We had a great week putting together trax for our Toronto visit with Brendan, and the good folks at Metal Works Studios.

Kyle has said that he's gonna make it out for the session. It's gonna be cool to hang out with Brendan and Kyle together. It'll be a complete hack*, so to speak.

hack v.

1.) Short name used for "hacky sack" 2.) The goal achieved when every player within a "hack circle" kicks the hacky sack at least once without letting it touch the ground.

Los Angeles has been very good to me. Below is a picture of what I see every morning - very inspiring.

It seemed like a good idea to start bringing in some video fun, so I taped a special message for you. Incidentally, I'm standing on top of a railroad tie, and holding the camera myself. Taking that into account, here is my self-video-portrait debut: