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iSxSW is Over... :(

Well, SxSW Interactive is over... We had an amazing time last night - including a few stories that I have been specifically instructed not to blog (or Twitter) about.

My good friend Ariel Hyatt and I went to dinner with a group of people and the festivities began.

We'll be doing a panel together at PodcampNYC, so if you're in that area on April 25th come on out and see us!

Ariel Hyatt of Ariel Publicity and me :) She rawks!

I bumped into Chris Brogan in the hotel lobby, and luckily enough, he was handing out free hugs!

It's a good thing, too - cuz later on in the evening Chris' band FAILED at Rock Band, but I was still basking in the afterglow of the hug - so it didn't matter much.

We were at the "Rock Band" Party at Six Lounge, when I bumped into Mark Cuban...

He stole my glasses, refused my CD, and then invited me to join them on the rest of their evening's adventure.


After said undisclosed activities, we ended up at Pure Volume where I ran into Moby. He DID take my CD, and he said something that really inspired me.

"Take your music seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously."

Ole' Moby, Ole'.

With the evening over (and the dawn beginning) it was becoming alarmingly more obvious that iSxSW was over, and that the musicians were taking over the conference.

The streets were starting to fill with piercings, tattoos and fishnets, and the geeks were gone - made obvious the absence of people walking around with laptops and webcams.


Imma miss mah peeps... but I'll never forget them.

See you next year guyz! :)

C.C. Chapman and I expressing our sadness at the end of SxSW Interactive

HUGS! \o/