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Sample tracks from Pivot


Wow. OK. Force self to communicate.

Life has been whizzing by, each moment more awesome than the last, and I find myself saying, "Wow - this would make a really great website entry." Or, "Oh my goodness - I should take a picture of this - or that - and post it right away."

And then, I remember that I haven't even yet explained all of the cool recording stories at MetalWorks with Adrian, Julian and Kris.

As a matter of fact, the surface hasn't even been scratched on the campfire performances/huge stage-show/the amazing town of Kipling/almost-getting-deported and our subsequent encounters with Canadian Immigration.

It hardly seems fair to just skip over that, only to mention our future really-fun plans.

Did I mention that we've got some really fun plans for the future?

Wednesday, we're heading into Tempest Recording to record guitar overdubs, and my piano tracks. Clarke Rigsby is also supposed to have this amazing Hammond organ so who know what kind of trouble we'll find ourselves getting into?

photo courtesy of Tempest Recording © 2000-2005

In early October, we're headed back to Toronto to record the bass tracks and (drum roll please) the VOCALS!!!! I can hardly stand it.

We're almost across the finish line, folks. It sounds so good - I can't even tell you.

It's like sitting on a little secret.