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Happy Monday

It's gonna be a huge week.

Today Adrian and I flew over to Los Angeles to meet with Corbin Bernsen about writing music for Public Media Works' upcoming film, Donna On Demand.

We're really excited about Donna on Demand, because:

1. Corbin is cool, and pretty much everything Corbin does is cool.

2. Hello? We get to score a movie!! :)

3. It's gonna star Nolan Hubbard from the town of Kipling, Saskatchewan - which, in case you didn't know is the town that traded Kyle MacDonald One Movie Role , for One House at 503 Main Street.

4. We get special access and now know what happens in the movie. (He he.)

5. It means that we're gonna HAVE to fly to Los Angeles more often - darn.

6. And last but not least, it means that we're gonna have to write and record EVEN MORE MUSIC!

My heart is singing a sweet, sweet melody. Sigh.

*** Special message to Jody's Mom ***

Mom - Corbin has the snow globe you gave him sitting in his office. (Look more closely to the picture we took - here...)

And for those of you reading Jody's Mom's private message:

If you haven't already become a member of the The Corbin Bernsen KISS Snow Globe Army, now's your chance:

To join, you MUST send Corbin Bernsen a snow globe at the following address:

Your proof of membership will be sent back to you; so make sure to include your address with the package.

Tomorrow, Adrian and I fly to Toronto to record (insert another heart-happy sigh here) the VOCAL and bass tracks!

Brendan and Agent Argument are gonna be there, and I am ridiculously excited to see them.

It's funny, and kind of unexplainable, but I truly feel all of us 14 traders found another family the day that we made our trade with Kyle.

And so, in a way, I'm going home...