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A Fantastic Show!

First Friday was so cool. We played indoors, as the rain would've have made playing outside difficult - to say the least.

It was warm, cozy and intimate. So many friendly faces were in the audience, and it was nice to be able to say, "Happy New Year" to you all.

Special thanks to Jason Wiedman for sitting in with us on a couple of tunes... He plays a mean percussion, and hopefully he'll come back and jam with us again.

Mike Mattingly also kept time for a few songs. His harmonies really add a special flavor to the music. Yum-yum.

We played our newest tune, "Black and Tan" for the crowd, and to our enjoyment, everyone loved it. We hope to have a version of it to post on the website very soon. Until then, come out to a live show to hear the songs being released on PIVOT, and let us know what you think.

Peace and hairgrease.